Most nights I'm so tired when I head to bed I don't really toss n turn trying to get to sleep. There are times when I am startled awake and in that semi hazy "just woke up from a bad dream" state I try to just shrug it off as just that, a bad dream. But what if there was more to it. Why am I having bad dreams? I'm a positive person. What could be going on here?

Researchers in Finland say a majority of the bad dreams people are having this year are now related to COVID-19.

A team led by researchers from the University of Helsinki reveals the virus is overtaking all other themes when it comes to a person's nightmares. Study authors say this may even suggest the global pandemic is causing people to share their anxiety with others.

According to one of the doctors holding the study;

"The results allowed us to speculate that dreaming in extreme circumstances reveal shared visual imagery and memory traces, and in this way, dreams can indicate some form of shared mindscape across individuals,"

The doctor adds that many participants in the study are having similar dreams, focusing on the "apocalyptic ambience" of the coronavirus lockdown. The study also finds the pandemic is changing how people sleep, with much of the change due to stress. More than half of the participants say they're sleeping more during quarantine. Over a quarter of this group however, says they're having nightmares more frequently. Another 10 percent are having a hard time falling asleep at night.

So there we have everything else these days, chalk it up to Covid!

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