Desperately...desperately needing a new mattress.  I'd rather get a root canal.  I'd rather have my fingernails and toenails yanked.  But, I have to endure the pain and purchase a new mattress.  Sweet Gods help me now.  

With my many health conditions, my current mattress isn't friendly to me anymore.  And it's about 7 years old.  I need a mattress that will take all the pressure points off of my spine, head and hips...soft but not too soft.  Yet, the price can't be equal to a small car.

Searching for mattresses is pure torment.  You walk into a store and they immediately put you on the high end BEST mattress in the store.  Of course you're gonna love it.  Then they tell you the price and you cry.  So, you look at something in your price range and the comfort doesn't even compare to that of the luxury model.  I usually leave the store crying.

I just want to try a mattress that feels GREAT and doesn't break the bank.

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