One great way to avoid any one of the many phone scams is to NOT ANSWER YOUR PHONE. If you don’t know who is calling simply don’t answer. So simple and comes with the endorsement of the Maine Attorney General. 

Recently, Janet Mills said that is OK!   She said that phone scams are a BIG when it comes to scams that work in Maine.  I know, I know, the phone rings, you feel you SHOULD answer it. It is the polite thing to do. No, let it go to voice mail.  If it is important they will leave a message.  It is not rude.  (Maybe it is rude to let it go to voice mail and NEVER check those messages. Ya, not checking voicemail, I am very guilty of that!) Anything sketchy…just delete and move on.

So you just can’t do that.  There ARE a few other things you can do to help protect yourself.  For example, if you are asked any questions, please don’t say ‘yes’ or answer in the affirmative.  I have read a few times that scammers can use that ‘yes’ to then use it against you.

Technology is also not helping us.  There is stuff that can make it look like the caller ID says the call is from Maine, or the IRS, CMP, a number that is similar to yours or even your own number! (Yes, that did happen to me!)

I would also suggest you learn to use your cellphones ‘block number’ feature. THAT number is never calling you again.  They use different numbers so you will have to do this over and over…but it will help over time.

One last thing, make sure you put your number on the National Do Not Call List.

Online:   Be very, very, very skeptical of emails or Facebook messages with offers of winnings or amounts owed.

Just don’t engage.

Hang up.


IF, IF, IF you think ‘well, maybe I do owe money to the IRS’…HANG UP!
Call the IRS yourself.

Am I late with my credit card payment? DON’T CLICK THE LINK IN THE EMAIL.
Open a new window and go to the business’ site directly or call them.

If you think that you have been scammed ….let the Attorney General office know.  The Consumer Protection Division number is 800-436-2131 and their email:

Here is Maine Attorney General website they have ALOT of good info, check it out!

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