Anyone that works for a big company knows how it feels to work the front lines and wish, just for one day, the CEO could have a day in your shoes.

Well, the employees of one Dairy Queen got to show the ropes to two of the richest men in the world, Bill Gates (Net worth=$99.6B) and Warren Buffet (Net worth=$81.6B). Buffett actually owns Dairy Queen.

The two went to the DQ threw on aprons, visors and nametags and attempted to learn how to make the iconic "two vanilla balls" of soft serve, as well as how to serve a Blizzard upside-down. They also worked on the register and practiced their customer service skills. Gates and Warren, 63 and 88 respectively, did quite well despite having been far removed from entry-level work.

All in all the experience is kind of sweet. Seeing these billionaires rock DQ aprons over their business attire and separated from their businesses, they appear to be just like any of our grandparents trying something new!

Check it out below!

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