A new video of the San Diego county wildfires shows just how close the flames are to houses and major highways. Prayers for the folks living in this area!

Yahoo! news reports the video was uploaded to YouTube by Jeb Durgin of Carlsbad, California. His coworker Byron Bauman shot the video that looks like a scene from a movie! Cars pass by flames that loom over the highway, houses are shadowed by billowing smoke, and people stand and just stare at the amazing scene. A helicopter drops water on the flames but it seems like too little, too late.

If you've ever scoffed at the idea that wildfires could do serious damage, watch this video! Just a word of warning, the language from these two guys is very strong in places. If you're offended by strong language or watching it in a place where it would be inappropriate, you'll want to watch it with the sound off. It won't minimize the impact of the video.

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