We learned after the release of DC's Aquaman that he's a Maine guy/god/merman(?) as the legend goes that his father was a Maine lighthouse keeper.

Now enter the Marvel Universe and the latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain Marvel. According to Bangor Daily News, Carol Danvers aka, Captain Marvel, originated from Vacationland.

Miss Danvers comes from the small and beautiful town of Harpswell, Maine, as noted in the comic book series "The Life of Captain Marvel." In the comics, she largely split her time between Harpswell and Boston and highlights traditional Maine activities such as swimming in the ocean, pulling lobster traps, and enjoying a good doughnut.

The Harpswell area is even getting in on the fun! The Orrs Bailey Islands Fire Department is raffling off a signed copy of the comic opening weekend!

The Captain Marvel movie will premiere in theaters nationwide tomorrow evening, March 7th.

I wonder if Maine will make an appearance? Even if it's the faux 'Murder She Wrote' type of Maine.

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