One of the things we need to admire about our veterans is how, despite all the adversity they face, they always get the job done.

This goes for veterans who decided to open restaurants after retiring from the military.

According to KJ, despite a car crashing into the business early on Friday morning, Hero's House of Pizza in Skowhegan found a way to open.

According to the newspaper article, 34 year old Robert Gartley, of New Sharon, was driving his 2005 Toyota on Waterville Road in Skowhegan when he reportedly fell asleep behind the wheel.  His vehicle drifted off the road and slammed into the corner of the building that houses Hero's House of Pizza.

Fortunately, Gartley was not injured in the crash.

In a statement released on Friday, Skowhegan Police Department Chief Bucknam said:

While many associate Friday the 13th as a day of misfortune and for Robert this could ring true.  I try to find the brighter side of things as Robert was not injured and Hero’s Pizza was not opened for business. If this crash had happened later in the morning, things may have been different.

After assessing the damage to the building, the team at Hero's House of Pizza was able to open and serve a limited menu out of their food truck.

No word on when they will be re-opening the main restaurant. In the meantime, stop by and have a slice to support this great local business.

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