If you want to talk about ‘one tough kitty cat’, you would be talking about Bart, a one and half year old cat from Tampa, Florida. Bart was hit by a car earlier this month and the owner couldn’t bring herself to bury Bart so she asked a neighbor.

The neighbor dug a shallow grave and buried Bart, but the ‘cat wasn’t dead’. Five days later Bart was able to claw his way out of the grave, went to the neighbor’s house and was meowing for food. The neighbor who buried the cat said he was blown away because he knew ‘that cat’ was dead.

Bart had a broken jaw, ruptured eye and torn-up face. He was dehydrated and hungry, but alive. Bart went to the vet for surgery to have his jaw wired shut and eye removed but he should make a full recovery and be home in about six weeks.

That is one tough cat.