If you've never been to the Maritimes of Canada, it's one of those trips that can be a feast for the senses, especially if you take a ferry across the Gulf of Maine to Nova Scotia.

I have fond memories of making the trek several times both on the old Scotia Prince Ferry, that was more like a mini cruise ship than a ferry, and more recently on the CAT Ferry which made the run from Yarmouth Nova Scotia to both Portland, and Bar Harbor at one time or another.

The Scotia Prince was more of an experience, 12 hours each way, the CAT on the other hand is fast, it makes the journey across the gulf in about 3.5 hours and although it does offer some light refreshments and a gift shop, it is meant to be efficient.

Unfortunately for the past two seasons the CAT ferry service has been canceled due to the pandemic. The CAT also only travels between Bar Harbor and Nova Scotia now since the terminal lease expired in Portland back in 2018.

The operator of the CAT ferry, Bay Ferries, has recently just announced on their website that they are now accepting bookings for travel during the 2022 season. The CAT will begin service on May 19th 2022, and run through October 10th, 2022.

When you consider the amount of driving time it takes to get to Nova Scotia compared to a 3.5 hour ferry ride the return of the CAT ferry service certainly is welcomed news on both sides of the border, and a fun, exciting trip in and of itself.

If you've never been on the CAT Ferry, here is a great Youtube introduction provided by the Delightful Travellers Youtube channel.

Have you ever made the trip across the Gulf of Maine on a ferry? Tell us about it.

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