New Adventure APP Leads You On A Historical Tour Of Farmington
Looking for something educational and fun for the whole family to do this Summer?
According to the SunJournal, there is a new cell phone application that is fun and educational. Oh, and did I mention that two Mainers invented it?
That's right, Story Trails of Maine was created by two Farmington reside…
FREE Youth Summer Sailing Program In Rockland
Maybe it's just me but the allure of sailing has always tugged at my heart stings, something about the ocean and a self powered vessel strengthens character, adds to ones confidence and even leadership skills.
The art and experience of sailing is something I wish I would have acquired much earli…
Birding....It's For The Birds!
I don't know what it is....the older I get I get more and more enamored with birds. I love hearing them, seeing them, feeding them, Im fascinated by their migratory path and impressed with those that brave the Maine winters here...yes, I'm looking at you black capped chickadee...

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