If you spend enough time scrolling through Facebook Marketplace, or the other Facebook online yard sale groups, there is a good chance that you will stumble across some really unique items.  Creepy dolls, items of clothing that should never be resold, video game collections that date back to the 1980s, etc.

This find is a whole new level of cool, though.

Someone in the Augusta Area Online Yard Sale group is selling a homemade helicopter!


Basically, it is kind of like one of those ultra-light airplanes that your Uncle Gene used to buzz around (over?) Central Maine in...  Except, instead of being a plane, this one is a helicopter!

Josh Marcotte on Facebook
Josh Marcotte on Facebook

The poster is a man named Josh Marcotte.  In the post, he explains that the helicopter "came with the property" and that he does not know much about it.  He is also asking people to make him an offer for the item.

The post does explain that the chopper is, apparently, powered by an old Arctic Cat snowmobile engine.

Josh Marcotte on Facebook
Josh Marcotte on Facebook

If you want to take a look at the item, you can see the post HERE

Of course, we have a few questions?  The biggest one would be "didn't you ask the seller or realtor about the chopper before you bought the property?".  Right?  If I was taking a tour of a property and spotted a homemade helicopter in the backyard, that would be the first thing I would ask about!

Do you know anything about the chopper?  Do you know who built it or where it came from?  Reach out to us through our app or on Facebook because we are curious.

Unfamiliar with the idea of ultralight aircraft?

Well, the US Ultralight Association website describes an ultralight as:

The rule defines ultralight vehicles in two categories: powered and unpowered. To be considered an ultralight vehicle, a hang glider must weigh less than 155 pounds; while a powered vehicle must weigh less than 254 pounds; is limited to 5 U.S. gallons of fuel; must have a maximum speed of not more than 55 knots; and must have a poweroff stall speed of no more than 24 knots. Both powered and unpowered ultralight vehicles are limited to a single occupant.

What about DIY ultralight helicopters?  We have not really been able to find much information on such craft.  However, the Rotor Nation website has a great writeup on smaller "micro" helicopters.

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