The Consumer Electronics Show gets in full swing in Las Vegas on Monday but a few ‘sneak peaks’ of some new products have arrived. One that is causing a buzz is the ‘biometric bra’.

It’s called OMBra and it’s a smart bra that measures heart rate and steps during a workout. According to Sahz Khang, the chief marketing officer, women know they’re going to wear clothes all day anyway and they want more information. The bra is expected to be in stores by spring at a price on $150 each.

Another new item will be Riva Audio’s wireless line of speakers. You can connect to Bluetooth or Wi-FI to play music off your smartphone or tablet.

Aivvy Q headphones are another wireless item but this one you don’t have to connect to a phone and it has absolutely no wires. You can store thousands of songs right in the headphones.

Also popular at the CES this year, as in the past few years, will be drones.

The Consumer Electronics Show starts Monday and the Consumer Electronics Technology’s Association sanctioned over 100 new products.