The Holidays are so close I can taste it... literally, thanksgiving dinner, and it's delicious. With Thanksgiving almost done and gone, it's time to start prepping for the rest of the holiday festivities. You know, things like drinking hot cocoa, singing Christmas carols, and driving around looking at Christmas lights.

Have you been searching for that next big Christmas light display here in Central Maine? It seems that this might be the event you're looking for.

According to a Facebook post from Winthrop's, Kale Malmsten, owner of Augusta West Kampground, is teaming up with Kaleb Pushard of SkyBox Holiday & Event Lighting to provide Central Maine with a colossal holiday light display.  The Winter Wonderland lights will be displayed throughout the grounds of Augusta West Kampgrounds.

There will be two different ticket options, guests can choose to drive or walk thru. Tickets are on sale now and can pe purchased HERE!

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How amazing is this community we live in? Pretty darn impressive, and I'm about to tell you why... As a community in Central Maine, we came together and raised 41,000 pounds (and counting) of food! After doing a little math, Keith told us that's a retail value of $112,000.00 in food donations! Plus, we raised $10,000 cash!

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