If you're a foodie like me, you'll want to mark your calendars now to plan a visit to the next best munchie spot in Maine!

Located at 151 High Street in Ellsworth, Wicked Munchies is not only feeding you but wanting to help you sell products as well!

Other than Wicked Munchies having an epic name, I was dying to find out how they are affecting E-commerce as well.

Other then providing their customers with delicious pizza, fries, lobster and all the munchies, they are doing something extremely unique.

They describe their restaurant as,

Wicked Munchies offers E-Commerce for small business. Bringing local fare to a worldwide audience.

Wicked Munchies Facebook 

Wicked Munchies wants to be able to help other local business owners! That means, instead of selling your products on sites like Walmart or Amazon they would do it for you! It removes the middle person and makes it easier and quicker for you.

What a distinctive idea! You don't normally see this happening at restaurants.

They recently posted more information about this.

Wicked Munchies is now offering E-Commerce for small business. Our goal is to bring local small batch products to a worldwide audience.
Do you or someone you know have a product you want to sell online? Wicked Munchies has secured contracts with Amazon and Walmart. We can have your local product on Amazon & Walmart in less than 24 hours. We even handle the shipping.
One time setup fee of $399 includes product photos, keyword research and competitive SEO description.
Email travis@wickedmunchies.pizza for more information.
If you'd like to learn more about Wicked Munchies and their special way of helping you sell your products, check out their Facebook Page!

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