When I'm looking for a change of pace, I love to reach for a cool, refreshing, crisp hard cider.

I've always had a fascination for making cider ever since I felt bad as a kid that so many dropped apples in the fall could be turned into cider!

Jon & Jenny Villeneuve have taken this passion to a whole new level by opening a very cool new cider business called Tin Top Cider Co. at 16 South Old Sheepscot Road in Alna. Just off Route 218.

According to an article in the Lincoln County News, Jon has cider making in his blood starting with his grand father, and then his father has refined it even more to now Jon being able to turn a life long hobby into a great new business.

It wasn't an easy road for Jon, the Town of Alna even had to make some changes to the liquor laws to allow Jon to have a Hard Cider Bar in Alna. The process has been going since 2018, and now is just a few days away from the Tin Top Cider having an official opening.

I'm telling you, there is just something about a cider flight that excites me. "Day Pack" is Tin Top's sweetest cider, then "Blaze" adds some spice with jalapeños being infused into this amazing cider, then "Flow" is aged in a Jack Daniels Whiskey barrel for a unique taste, and "Kicker" is a mule inspired ginger cider. Really, no matte what you choose, you have a winner, and they have several more new ciders that they are developing.

Tin Top Cider Co is also part of the Maine Wine Trail which is a whole new adventure in and of itself.

It's worth a trip for sure. Get more details as they develop on Tin Tops Facebook page.

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