Scams are everywhere. So much so it is can very hard to tell the scam from real life.  I guess that is the game, the scammer play the odds and if they hit the right sort of information and it aligns with something going on in your life…BAM…they have you.

But this one was so out here is made me laugh out loud for reals.

I have been happy with my iPhone telling me over the last year when I am getting a spammy call, I get spam-type emails in my personal and work emails but this one really made me laugh.

It was for my speeding in Greenwich, Connecticut.

I don’t really speed, I have not been out of state with my car, and no vehicles have any association with my work email account…oh, oh, oh, and almost $1000 for the ticket? Maybe that is a Connecticut thing.

OH how that make made me laugh.

I can assume since the company I work for is based in Connecticut, the scammers made some sort of connection with that information and my email and ASSUMED I was in Connecticut too.


Please remember, never give you your personal information, bank information, click on links in emails. IF you ever have a concern about not give out that information, do no click.  You should hang up, use the business or services ligament phone number and call them yourself.  If it is something in your not click.  SO TEMPING...but do not click.  Open a new window and go directly to the businesses or services website and reach out directly to them.

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