There’s a new show coming to the Animal Planet in January called ‘Cold River Cash’. It will follow Maine fisherman who for 10 weeks a year trying to earn thousands of dollars fishing for glass eels.

Hearing this reminded me of a story from China about a man who had to have emergency surgery to remove an eel that was stuck up his butt.  The man was drinking a little too much (imagine, alcohol was involved) and thought it would be ‘nice’ to let a live swamp eel swim up his butt: Bad idea.

The 20 inch eel gnawed through the man’s colon into his body looking for a way out. Luckily, surgeons were able to work through the night and remove the eel before it caused any more damage and even more amazing than the man surviving, the eel survived the ordeal, too.

Ends up the Chinese man saw the stunt in a porn movie and when he was drunk enough decided to give it a try.

 In China, to no one’s surprise, the eel in the butt story generated a lot of talk and a lot of laughs.