Minor league hockey doesn't always pack in the fans, especially in the desert climate of Bakersfield, Calif., where the hometown Condors sometimes resort to odd promotions and in-game entertainment, like setting a giant crazed bird loose in the arena.

Prior to each home game, the Condors have a real, giant condor, which they uncage and trust to the custody of its handler during the national anthem. Before the Condors game against the Las Vegas Wranglers on Friday, the condor decided to make a break for it. Watch the video below to see what happened:

The bird man tried to contain the condor as best he could, but once a bird that large starts flapping away, it's pretty much like Big Bird on bath salts. The best thing anyone can do is cover their head and flee toward the exits. The handler almost corralled the condor, but he slipped on the ice on the way back to the cage, setting the bird loose for the rampage across the ice and into the Condors bench and locker room.

We have an uneasy feeling that IF the Condors decide to use the condor again, the bird will be wheeled out to center ice like Hannibal Lecter in 'Silence of the Lambs.'