Minimalism. It is my goal. I have made some big strides in that direction. But I still have a home, some furniture, too much 'stuff' and too many clothes and jewelry.  (Really, I have a ton of jewelry…I wear like five pieces but I all this jewelry.  Why do I keep it?)

But back to my original point…

This guy, Rob Greenfield, has an interesting life.  He lives with as little impact as possible.  One of the most interesting things to me was a post about his 111 personal items.  NOW…when I say personal items that includes his tech, kitchen items, clothing, hygiene, personal items, and items to sleep.

I mean really…check out this post from   Interesting stuff.  Takes that whole KonMari thing to a whole new level.

Could you live with those same 111 items that Rob has chosen?

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