Getty Images, photo by Justin Sullivan

Love was found at Wal Mart and it made sense to get married in the store and that’s exactly what Wayne Brandenburg and Susan, his wife, did. Susan worked as a cashier and gone through a tough divorce, Wayne’s wife had passed away and he spent time shopping at the North Carolina Wal Mart three to four times a week.

Wayne said he never thought he’d meet his new bride at Wal Mat, but the two stuck-up a relationship and both looked forward to seeing each other at the store. Susan said Wayne would bring her lunch and finally asked her out on a first date at and all you can eat Chinese buffet. Both in their 60’s, saw each for about a year when Wayne decided to pop the question, but couldn’t  get down one knee because he has bad knees. The couple was engaged for six years when they finally settled on a date and chose the Wal Mart layaway area for their wedding. Susan said the most special part was the kiss.