Ten years ago if you were to walk down the aisle at a local store chances are you wouldn't see something like this staring back at you. Let's just say its a "full frontal" sort of product and guess what, I love it!

Lizzy Snyder
Lizzy Snyder

Ladies, we've been hiding under all the rocks for far too long when it comes to body products and I am glad to see that this company in particular called INC.REDIBLE, isn't shying away from the way they advertise. These are moisturizing masks for your Netherlands.

Living in Maine for a long time, we've made considerable strides towards body positivity, but our journey to self-pride and indifference towards others' opinions is far from over.

Lizzy Snyder
Lizzy Snyder

So I am happy to see that at a local Wal Mart, ladies can not only find products like this easily but also see that the body they have on the package represents most of us.

I talk to my lady friends a lot about body dysmorphia and what we feel when we look in the mirror. Our society and cultural trends have not been helpful but personal acceptance is on the rise and seeing products that show woman that aren't stick figures help.

It's important to pamper yourself head to toe (literally) and now that summers right around the corner, who wouldn't want a glowing-derriere. It's like indulging in a spa-like experience in your bathroom. Happy cheeks make a happy life babes.

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And hey, self-care should never stop at the waistline!

Gone are the days of unrealistic expectations! Embrace your gorgeous curves and your fine assets ladies and gentle-dudes. It's now time to say goodbye to the struggle of squeezing into constantly worrying about thigh gaps.

Let's be proud of our curves ladies because life is too short for straight lines!

By the way, you can by the moisturizing masks for you bits, here!

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