According to a post on the Waterville Police Department's Facebook page, there will be a parking ban in parts of the city on Monday (September 26th) and Tuesday (September 27th) nights.

The ban will affect parts of Silver Street and Elm Street.  Why the ban?  Apparently, they are doing paving on those streets on Monday and Tuesday.

If you are familiar with what has been going on in Waterville, you may have been kind of surprised by the streets that are going to be affected by these bans.

What do we mean?

If you live in, or spend much time in, the City of Waterville, you are probably used to dealing with traffic issues near downtown.  For months, Main Street in downtown has resembled a World War I battlefield.  Of course, all of this work is going to make Waterville's downtown much nicer.

Clearly, tonight's ban has nothing to do with what is going on on Main Street, but you can bet that at some people we'll be dealing with additional changes on Main Street, too.

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