I think we all enjoy our fast food every once in a while. I love breakfast all day at McDonald's, sometimes I have a Whopper craving. Maybe, Arby's or KFC. Once in a while, a fast food chain will feature an item for a limited time or maybe an old favorite just goes away. Here's a list of eight fast food menu items that MeTv has complied that they would like to see come back.

1. The Bee Beefer at Taco Bell. The Bell got into the sandwich game in the mid-'70s with this, essentially a Sloppy Joe made from taco meat.

2. Burger Bundles at Burger King. Awww, little tiny baby hamburgers! Burger King launched this idea in 1987.

3. McDLT from McDonald's. The hot stayed hot, and the cool stayed cool. This was more a packaging invention than a new item, honestly, with a two-chambers styrofoam box separating hamburger halves.

4. Onion Nuggets at McDonald's. In the mid-'70s, McD's experimented with a new way of slicing the onion — chunks instead of rings.

5. Peg Legs at Long John Silvers. Why get a chicken drumstick from a seafood joint? Because they fried the legs in the fluffier fish batter.

6. The Superbar at Wendy's. They offered up a sprawling salad and hot bar with taco-building tools, a pasta station, fruit and more. All you can eat. For $2.99. The 1980s nirvana did not last, perhaps because people ate into profits.

7. The Whaler at Burger King. Burger King took to the seas in 1975 with the Whaler, its first fish sandwich. They still have a fish sandwich, of course, but we miss this logo, much like the beloved Hartford Whalers of the NHL. Same color scheme, too! The Whaler made a return in 1983.

8. The Yumbo at Burger King. They brought back this ham and cheese sandwich a year ago, though it was doubled in size. All brown, pink and yellow, he Yumbo was the early-'70s on a sesame seed bun.

Add to our list! What fast food favorites of yours would you like to come back?

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