Kids love cereal, usually the more sugar the better. It's very interesting to see how many cereals have come and gone. Here's a short look back of some unique breakfast cereals from the 1960's and 1970's.

Quake (1965) from Quaker. This burly partner of Quisp did not make a comeback alongside his alien friend. Perhaps that's because it was basically Cap'n Crunch. Still, a great mascot.

Sir Grapefellow (1972) from General Mills. A grape flavored cereal with a marshmallow treat.

Pink Panther Flakes (1973) from Post. Pink cereal! It sure made the milk colorful. The panther makes for a better cereal salesman than home insulation mascot.

Wackies (1965) from General Mills. It was basically a banana flavored Lucky Charms.

What breakfast cereals from your childhood do you remember enjoying?

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