Given the current level of inflation, it should not be a big surprise that nearly all of us are looking for a deal these days.  Not just on high ticket items, either.  We're hunting for bargains on almost everything...  Especially groceries!

That's one of the reasons that this news is going to hit a lot of people much harder than it would have just a few years ago.

According to the KJ, the Save-A-Lot store on The Concourse in Waterville will close for good on June 1st.

The store, which opened in 2012, was always known for having much lower prices than some of the other chain (and local) grocery stores in the Waterville-area.  Additionally, the store's location made it an attractive option for the elderly, and others, who live in the nearby homes and apartments and who may not have access to a vehicle.

Tara Clark / Unsplash
Tara Clark / Unsplash

Sadly, despite the fact that everyone is looking for a deal right now, there was not enough business to the store to make it economically feasible.  And, the rent for the retail space was expected to increase in June.

The article explains that, Zak Sclar, CEO of eight Food City grocery stores and Save-A-Lots in Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont, said that his other stores had subsidized the Waterville store for the last few years.  He explained that it no longer made sense to keep allowing that to happen.

The Concourse location currently employs 12 people.  Sclar said those people would be offered jobs at his other grocery stores.

The final day for the store will be June 1st.

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