PALS which stands for "Protectors of Animal Life Society" located in Winthrop has under gone an expansion of its shelter last year. This expansion allowed PALS to create an in-house veterinary room which will reduce costs for feline vet services as well as reduce stress for the animals since they won't have to travel off site to obtain routine vet services.

Since last February, PALS offers low-cost feline veterinary care services. This service is only available to its members however, the membership cost is very affordable.

Seniors can get a PALS membership for only $25. Adult and family memberships cost $50. This is an annual fee but cost savings, especially if you have multiple animals can add up fast.

A few of the great benefits that come along with the a PALS membership are, easy access to low-cost veterinary care services, you also would receive $25 off of an adoption fee for either a kitten or a cat that can be used once per year. You also get the benefit of being able to reserve a kitten at 8 weeks of age, again you can do this once a year.

If you would like to become a member contact PALS at 207-395-4274, Daily from 9 am – 2 pm.

PALS is also now on "Petfinder" if you are seeking a kitten or cat you would like to add to your home, click here to see the current kitties available at PALS.

So not only do you get to enjoy the perks of low-cost vet care, help support a great organization, but you can also have some status when it comes to adding to your furry friends. I love win-wins, and this certainly qualifies.

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