People lose things all the time.  Most of the time, they are generic, valueless, items.  A pair of sunglasses, earbuds, socks in the dryer (where do they really go???), etc.  Even if those items do cost a chunk of change, we can always go buy a replacement.

However, sometimes, we lose things that are priceless.  Family heirlooms or old family photos.  Sadly, once those items are destroyed or lost, they are gone.  Without a time machine, there usually is no way to get them back.

It looks like that is exactly what happened at the Kohl's location in Augusta.

A store employee named Angela posted on Facebook that her and her co-workers found an old black and white photo of a young woman on the floor of the store.

Hopefully, together, we can locate the owner of the photo.  So, take a good look at the pic and share this post on your Facebook page to help spread the word.

If she does look familiar, you can reach out to the Kohl's store at 207.626.0717.  Or, you can stop by the Augusta Kohl's location at the Marketplace at Augusta.

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