It doesn’t say in this story if this dog had a lifejacket on but I sure hope so. If you are on a boat with a pet they do make lifejackets for them. This story does have a happy ending either way. (the picture is not Rylee but and example of a Belgian Malinois)

Ed and Kristin Casas left Frankfort Harbor in Michigan when about six miles out they had engine problems. About 10 minutes later they noticed their dog, Rylee, a Belgian Malinois, was missing. He jumped overboard.

A ‘dog overboard’ distress call went out which resulted in a search by fisherman. One of overboard_in_lake_michigan.htmlthe fisherman’s wives runs a ‘lost dog search team’ and posted the info online. Some 20,000 people saw the post and the search was on.

Reports came in that Rylee was spotted on shore near a campground. She had been seen. Rylee swam six mile to shore and then waked 12 miles to the campground where she was reunited with her owners.


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