We can all agree, of all the students affected by the coronavirus-caused school closures, the high school seniors got it the worst.  They've missed out on classes, sporting events, senior skip day, prom, and more.  At this point, it looks like they'll miss out on graduation, too.  Or, if they do have graduation, it won't be until much later.

According to WMTW, a drive-in theater near Wichita, Kansas plans to do something about that last one.

The Starlite Drive-In is planning to do a series of social distancing graduations called Starlite Project Graduation.

At each event, they'll use their screens to show a slide-show of the students, videos from the key students (valedictorian, etc), and video messages from some of the school's faculty.

Get more details HERE

Wouldn't it be cool if some of our Maine drive-in theaters offered something similar?

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