I've heard that I look like many people...mostly someone you know. "Sharon, you look just like my neice that lives in New Jersey!" I get that alot. In high school, I used to be called Steve Perry from the rock group Journey. I'm not sure that was a flattering thing but I did have the wings in my hair.

Just recently, I heard I look like Mariah Carey. THAT'S funny. But there is always one lady I will ALWAYS look like.

If you have ever seen the iconic movie 'Grease' you will all agree that my famous twin is Didi Conn. She played Frenchy, the teenage girl that falls in love with Teen Angel. For those of you too young to remember the movie, she was also Stacy Jones on Shining Time Station with Ringo Starr. For years, I wasn't sure if I liked it but now I can see that it is an endearing thing. We have the same personality: very friendly, naive, likes to pop bubblegum...

Now I am embracing the likeness. One thing is for sure...if they ever have auditions for 'Grease' around central Maine, I wouldn't get the part of Sandy! And I would be happy with that because Frenchy is really who I am!

So who is YOUR famous twin? If you are already a twin by birth...well, that doesn't count! Who do people say you look like? Let us know so we can say we have more famous people in the area than we thought!