You can say a lot of things about Mainers...  We're resourceful, we're hard working, we have a sense of community, and...  what was that other thing?  Oh yeah, we all LOVE a good party!

Well, that is exactly what you're going to find at the Bowl In The Pines Amphitheater in Sidney this weekend!

The Snow Pond On Tap brewfest is this Saturday (September 17th).

Breweries on-hand at the event include Allagash Brewing Company, Ambition Brewing, Bateau Brewing, Bigelow Brewing, Fore River, Citizen Cider, Rock Harbor Brewing, Definitive Brewing, Island Dog Brewing, Maine Booch Brewing, and many more.  Plus, there will be notable distilleries on hand, too.  Chadwick's and Mossy Ledge Spirits, for example.


Food vendors will include Portland Pie Company, Pinky D's, the Proper Pig, and Brother Shucker.

And, you'll get to hear live music from the Jason Spooner Band, the Weight Band, and the Ryan Montbleau Band!

Sound like a good time?  Tickets are still available.  VIP passes are $70 and will get you access from 1:30 PM to 7 PM.  General addition passes are $45 and will get you access from 3 PM to 7 PM.

You can also get a DD ticket, too.  Being responsible for your friends and loved ones is a noble thing worthy of a discount, right?

Get more info and tickets HERE

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