It's not what many in central Maine want to hear: The Farmer's Almanac says another rough winter is coming this year.

A year after Maine and much of New England was pummeled with the snowiest winter on record, editors of the Maine-based publication are calling their latest forecast a 'winter deja vu'.


The Farmer's Almanac uses a formula built on sunspots, moon phases and tidal action. The 199-year-old almanac hits newsstands this week predicts cold and snowy weather from Maine to Montana.

Also, the unseasonably cold temperatures are supposed to dip down as far as Kentucky this winter, the almanac says. Editors predict milder weather out West, and chilly and wet weather for the South.

The publication, not to be confused with the New Hampshire-based Old Farmer's Almanac, uses a prediction method largely unchanged since the first almanac was published in 1818.

Last winter, the almanac's prediction of "shivery and shovelry" came true in New England, where Boston recorded more than 100 inches of snow.

The almanac is known for it's gardening tips, weather, astrology and life hacks.

The almanac distributes 1 million retail copies and 2.5 million promotional versions. But it also has 350,000 subscribers to a weekly email blast, 850,000 Facebook followers, nearly 25,000 Twitter followers and more than 13,000 Instagram followers. There's also an app for smartphones and tablets.


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