Fast Eddie’s Express Car Wash has been sold to a Connecticut based holding company, according to previous owner Ed Goff via a report in and also according to a post on his Facebook page

The cash sale took place last week for an undisclosed price.

Fast Eddies Express Car Wash has been at 208 Western Ave., Augusta for the past five years. Ed Goff also expanded two years ago to Pleasant St. in Brunswick, and had plans of expanding the 'Fast Eddies' brand into Bangor prior to the sale.

It's important to note that currently there are no plans to change the name, or reduce staff. All current employees will be retained at both locations.

The buyer of Fast Eddies Express Car Wash is still currently looking to expand further in Maine which additional purchases, according to the report.

Goff said:

“Maine is going to see a huge expansion or car washes in the next two to three years. For me, this was the right time to sell, the right time to get out of the way.”

Ed Goff got into the car wash business back in 2009, with Butler’s Touchless Automatic Car Wash in Skowhegan. A ew years later he expanded and took on another car wash, this time in Madison.

Goff sold both of those car wash businesses to build his dream car wash in Augusta....and Fast Eddies Express Car Wash was born.

We wish Ed continued success in whatever direction he decides to move into, which he hasn't shared quite yet.

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