Most ice cream shops in Maine close for the season due to the harsh winter months we see here in our beautiful state. Fielders Choice Ice Cream in Auburn is normally open year-round for the hardcore ice cream lovers that don't care if there is snow on the ground.

According to the Fielders Choice Ice Cream Facebook page, the usual year-round Auburn location will close along with the other Fielders Choice locations on Sunday, November 22nd, at the end of the business day. Good News, though, they also announced that the Fielders Choice MANCHESTER LOCATION WILL NOW BE OPEN YEAR ROUND!


Why are we showing you a picture of our signature sundae The Closer? We're using it as a cheesy segue into...

Posted by Fielder's Choice Ice Cream on Monday, October 26, 2020


You still have roughly a month to get your fix before they close up shop until springtime, of course, unless you visit the Manchester location.

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