The 1983 novel was made into a movie in 1989 and scared the hell out of me then. When I watched the trailer for the 2019 adaptation i got chills.

Though the 1989 version of the horror film was shot pretty much exclusively in Maine, there's no word yet on how much of the 2019 movie was filmed in Maine, if any.

However the plot remains the same, a Chicago doctor and family move to Ludlow, Maine after he gets the job of director of health services at the University Of Maine. Immediately upon getting to their new home a huge 18 wheeler truck speeds by, seemingly out of nowhere.

The trailer shows flashes of children in the woods wearing masks, an evil looking cat, a warning from the neighbor, a funeral scene, the father waking up with his feet covered in dirt and more...

We have to wait until April of 2019 to see this one.

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