Getty Images, photo by Jeff J. Mitchell
Getty Images, photo by Jeff J. Mitchell

In this day and age it seems hard to believe, but for the first time in Iceland’s history police shot a killed a person. The first time ever! The police, like most in the country, were unarmed when they were called to investigate an apartment building where there were reports of a loud bang.

When the officers arrived at the building they were fired upon so they called in the SWAT team. When SWAT arrived they were fired on again hitting one of the officers and the man kept firing through the window.  The team entered the apartment and shot the man, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

The man’s sister blamed poor health care for the mentally ill with no resources for treatment. The police regretted having to shoot the man but had no other choice.

Iceland has a population of 320,000 and has a very low crime rate and gun violence is rare.

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