Tuesdays used to be release day for new music. Like the metric system, the United States carried out business different than most other parts of the world. With the digital revolution, we've gotten in line.

My daily commute involves a few hours in the car. While many would find it a detriment or hassle, it gives this audiophile an opportunity to listen to a LOT of music. Today, I brushed over the new Gorillaz, decided not to rehash the 90's with a Cranberries acoustic collection of hits, and put the Ryan Adams B Sides in queue for later (Prisoner being one of my favorites of 2017 thus far). I went with John Mellencamp's Sad Clowns & Hillbillies. Five of the tracks feature Carlene Carter. Her stepdad, Johnny Cash once said John was "making the music he should be" for his age. At 65, you won't find a "Hurts So Good, or "Play Guitar," but you'll find an album dipped in Americana storytelling. Not quite as great as "Life, Death, Love, and Freedom," but a nice continuation of his records of the last 10 years.

Key Track: What Kind Of Man Am I

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