SO…it turns out that eating more fruits and veggies MAY be good for your health AND good health could have the effect of …wait for it…lowering heath care cost by BILLIONS of dollars.

You have got to be kidding me. You mean to tell me being healthier could mean lower heath cost and save us gobs of money in programs like Medicare/Medicaid and health care cost in general?


The study from Tufts University and published in the medical journal PLOS Medicine said this could “prevent as many 3.28 million medical conditions such as heart attacks and strokes, and save more than $100 billion in health-care costs”.

I was reading about the study at and researchers found “that the first food-prescription model (covering 30% of the costs of fruits and vegetables under Medicare and Medicaid) would decrease health-care costs by nearly $40 billion. The second policy model (30% of the costs of fruits, veggies and other healthy foods like plant oils, nuts, seafood and whole grains) would reduce health-care costs by more than $100 billion”.

BILLIONS OF DOLLARS saved and a better overall quality of life.

Here is the conclusion from the abstract of the study “Economic incentives for healthier foods through Medicare and Medicaid could generate substantial health gains and be highly cost-effective”.

It is fairly common knowledge, backed up by a number of studies and even your Mom told you to eat your veggies. So here is your free advice from ME…go for a walk, have some water and get more fruits and veggies. You are welcome!

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