Family is very important to me. And for me EVERYONE is family. Doesn't matter if we are related by blood, marriage or not even related at all. When people make me a part of their lives, I make myself a part of theirs.

That's why I'm donating my time this weekend to a special cause that is very dear to my heart.

My cousin, Scott Davis.

I've known Scott since I was 17. He may have come across as a tough guy sometimes, but we all knew beneath his curly locks that he was just a marshamallow!

He unfortunately succumbed to esophageal Cancer last week at the age of 41. It went fast, too. We all didn't want to see him go but it seemed God had different plans.

You see, in my religion and probably all, the younger you are when you are called to Heaven: that must mean Heavenly Father needs you sooner than He thought. It seems He needs more and more angels these days.

Sunday, my band, Sharon Buck & Dixon Road, is donating their time to the fundraiser at the Waterville Elks Lodge that was supposed to just help defray medical costs. Instead, some of that money is going to funeral costs, as well. You see, Scott had no insurance and the bills started to pile up. Cancer is expensive. We planned this months ago, never thinking he would not be with us.

I ask all of you to join us 5-7pm. Admission is $5. There will be a raffle, bake sale, silent auction and a 50/50 going on. Please, let us help a family that lost a loved one too soon.