According to the Funtown Splashtown USA website, Funtown Splashtown USA offers two separate Autism Awareness Days this year. The first Autism Awareness day will happen Thursday, July 15th, and the second falls on Thursday, August 12th.

If you're unaware of what Autism is, it's a developmental disorder that is characterized by difficulty with social interaction or communication and by restricted or repetitive patterns of thought and behavior.

Often those who have autism struggle to deal with the sensory overload of big crowds and loud noises, making it almost impossible to enjoy a theme or amusement park.

Because of sensory overload that goes hand in hand with Autism, Funtown and Splashtown will reduce the levels of music across both of the parks. Guests who are unable to wait in line will be able to pick up "Exit Pass" that day.

Guests will be able to pick up Autism Awareness stickers and/or temporary tattoos at the Main Entrance booths. Guests who need difficulty waiting in queue lines will pick up an “Exit Pass” that day.

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