We all agree fuel is expensive, but there are tips you can use to find the cheapest gas and many have remained constant for years. They include a favorite apps such as GasBuddy, plus common-sense strategies like avoiding service stations on busy highways. But as you may have noticed energy prices have edged higher this summer, so you may ask yourself.... How can I fill up for less?

As a matter of fact, there are.

Monday tends to be the cheapest day of the week to buy gas, according to a study of fuel prices reported by 60 million consumers across the nation from gas savings app GasBuddy.  That was the case in 36 states. When Monday wasn’t the cheapest day, Tuesday usually was. “Fueling earlier in the week can result in savings for many motorists,” the study concluded.

Just don’t fuel up on Thursdays, which tends to have the most expensive gas. “If every U.S. motorist bought gasoline on Thursday for an entire year, they’d collectively spend an extra $1.1 billion versus filling up on Monday – the lowest priced day of the week,” the study found. Saturday was the second worst day to fuel up.

A senior petroleum analyst at GasBuddy, says that gas stations likely raise prices on the weekends because they know a lot of motorists hit the road then and may want to squeeze out a little more margin when travel numbers are better.

The reason Thursday seems to have high prices may be because an influential report from the Energy Information Administration comes on on Wednesdays and and may push prices higher for Thursday.  And since commodities trading isn’t active over the weekend, it typically allows stations to ‘let it ride’ over the weekend, culminating in lower prices by the start of the work week.

More ways to find the cheapest gas…….

Use A Gas Card:

Gas credit cards offer rewards and discounts for gas spending. There are two types of gas cards: gas rewards cards and gas station rebate cards.

With gas rewards cards, you will earn points as you spend at gas stations. These points can be redeemed for cash back or other rewards such as travel or merchandise. While gas rewards cards typically offer the most points for gas, they may also offer bonus points in other spending categories such as grocery or travel, making them multipurpose rewards cards.

Gas station rebate cards are a type of gas card that earns rebates rather than rewards. Instead of points, you earn a rebate based on how much gas you purchase from a specific brand.

Gas rewards cards are more popular and typically more lucrative than gas station rebate cards. They earn rewards at a variety of gas stations rather than a particular brand and offer higher overall rewards earnings and value. However, cardholders of both types need to pay their balance every month in order to receive any value from them.

Ask a local:

Although it may seem like an awkward question, residents know how to find the cheapest gas. Local insights can save several dollars or more per tank. Gas prices can vary anywhere from 10 to 20 cents per gallon from one town to the next, It's almost always more expensive close to an Interstate or major highway though.

Find a better app:

Many people may a gas app on their phone but how long have you had it? When is the last time you have done a search to see if there are new apps for that. Several new apps have popped up recently and are worth consideration, many even have a few!

Find cheap gas gift cards:  

Many people in the know shop for discounted gas gift cards on eBay or specialized gift card sites that specialize in gift cards that people are looking to sell or trade, which can save you on average between 7 and 10 percent.

Happy travels!

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