You can have the flavor of the open range or the deep woods campsite when grilling in your backyard this summer. Maine is woods, and wood chips can give you the flavor you desire.

According to Maine Grilling Woods it’s easy to get that wood flavor for your meat or fish. It’s as easy as using a charcoal grill and adding wood chips. In this first method it has to be a charcoal grill but the timing of adding the wood chips is crucial.

You have to let the charcoal turn grey first, this is important. Once the coals are grey and a few minutes before cooking add several handfuls of chips directly on the charcoal. Wood chips should be used if grilling time is less than 10 minutes. If cooking time is longer you should use chunks of wood.

Most people use a propane grill; it's easy to add a smoke flavor using a standard gas grill. On the grilling surface, the grate, around the perimeter, place wood chucks about 10 minutes before cooking.   Make sure it is on the grilling surface not on the burner or flame.

There are other ways to have that wood flavor to cooking but these two are the easiest and most popular.

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