I took advantage of this sunny and warm November day to get my mobile home ready for old man winter. People who know me, know that I am far from being handy with any sort of manual labor. However, there were a few easy things I could do to get my mobile home ready for winter. You can too!

Photo by Andy Capwell

1. Storm Windows: It was time to take the screens out and the storm windows in. This usually is more difficult than it should be for me, however this year, they just seemed to go in very easily.

2. Plastic Over The Skirting: The plastic skirting around my mobile home has a few gaps and cracks in it, especially where I have the heat tape plugged in. After checking to see if the heat tape is still working, I do my best to cover the skirting with plastic. It will help with frozen pipes in a mobile home.

Photo by Andy Capwell

3. Summer lawn furniture into the shed: Bob Marley has a funny bit about Mainers putting everything into the shed. It was that time over year to put my plastic table and four chairs into the shed for the winter.

4. Gas Additive For The Lawn Mower: I cranked up the lawn mower one last time and mulched some leaves and then added gas stabilizer to have the lawn mower ready to start next spring.

There is still plenty I need to do, like get my furnace cleaned, order some kerosene and button up the house. But, today was a good first step.