Just like in the movie ‘A Christmas Story’, 12 year old Maddie Gilmartin of East Kingston, New Hampshire got her tongue stuck to a flagpole. She was helping her father clear snow during a recent storm and wondered what would happen if she stuck her tongue to the pole. She never saw the movie, so she gave it a try thinking it would come right off, it didn’t.

 Maddie’s mother saw her daughter’s arms flapping and once she got closer to the girl she realized she had gotten stuck to the pole. She tried to pull herself free but that caused her tongue to start to bleed, so her parents called 911 and while waiting for an ambulance they used warm water to free Maddie’s tongue from the flagpole. Her tongue was stuck to the pole for about 15 minutes and now she has some swelling to her tongue and lips, which doctors say could take up to six weeks to get back to normal, but otherwise she’ll be o.k.