Changes for 50ml liquor bottles (aka nips) are on the horizon. Either you're going to pay a deposit fee, like those on cans and bottles. Or, you're going to have to make a run across the border to get them. Governor Paul LePage said he’d work to ban the sale of nips if the Legislature passes bill to extend the state’s bottle deposit law to include the 50ml bottles.

The Legislature has voted for a deposit fee, due in part to the increase in litter along public roadways. Plus, the units are exploding in popularity. Maine sold 8.4 million in 2016 alone. LePage said the bill “threatens jobs, increases costs to do business and puts the state’s financial health at risk.” If the bill passes, he said he’ll both veto it and direct Maine liquor regulators to work with State Liquor and Lottery Commission to ban nips.


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