Parents, quite literally, can be the WORST spectators at sporting events for kids.  With Spring here, this means soccer game, lacrosse games, baseball games, track meets and more.  Where there is a kid playing sports...there's a loud mouth parent who feels they are a better coach or referee.  Some even go as far as bullying other children.  As a result, more and more kids are dropping out of sports.

Glennon Doyle, Author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller LOVE WARRIOR and CARRY ON, WARRIOR, recently shared on Instagram a great suggestion for obnoxious parents:

"Since you cannot be trusted: Bring lollipops.  Put the pops in your loud obnoxious mouths as soon as you sit down on the sideline. Let the pops serve as a reminder to you that children are dropping out of sports in record numbers — largely because their parents are behaving like asshats on the sidelines in record numbers."

If you aren't one of these parents...I'd suggest bringing a bag of dum dums to pass out to those who need them.

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