This is due to a new grading system that is clearly causing some issues for the school, parents and most importantly, the students.

According to the Kennebec Journal online, Bonnie Washuk,

 LEWISTON — At Lewiston High School, a student who has an average grade of 98 in physical education is failing the class, Principal Jake Langlais said.

That’s because, Langlais said, the student has a grade of less than 76 in one of the gym class’s 10 standards.

Many students are in the same boat. Because of a grading change made last spring, 359 students — 99 freshmen, 82 sophomores, 96 juniors and 82 seniors — are failing one class because one of their grades for one standard is less than 76, Langlais said. That’s despite the fact that all of those students have overall averages of 76 or higher.

And more than half of the students — 833 — are failing one class because they don’t have a 76 in one or more standards, even though their overall average is 76 or better.

School officials are set to reconvene to discuss making more changes to the system and overall grading standards.

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