We are 2 days away from Super Bowl LII...and for those die hard Patriot fans, your feeling a little anxious.  We want more than anything to see Brady get his 6th Super Bowl ring and for the Pats to WIN!  Fingers crossed that the game isn't like last year.  Do you remember?

I was so mad, I went to bed at half-time.  I just could NOT take one more second of that game.  But, I was suddenly awaken by my husband and son running into the bedroom screaming and cheering 'THE PATRIOTS WON! THE PATRIOTS WON!'.  For the love of the DVR, they rewound it and played the last epic 5 minutes of that game.  Sweet victory!!

I have learned my lesson...never doubt our Patriots again!!  I will hang on until the very end.  Our Patriots are the BEST!

Good luck to the BEST TEAM EVER!  We want 6!

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