I'm not opposed to makin' some easy money.....I'm always hearing someone say that imfamous mantra "Work smarter, not harder".

Well, here is your chance to work smarter, and enjoy every minute of it. According to Neardbear.com, they are looking for someone who would like to earn a cool, crisp one thousand bucks for watching all 24 James Bond movies over the course of 30 days. You'll also have to take some notes too.

It goes without saying but this gig would be perfect for anyone who is a huge 007 fan. When you add all the time of the movies, it works out to be about 51 hours of screen time and according to my math that equates to about $19.60 per hour.

If this appeals to you don't worry too much about the writting portion as Neardbear will supply a simple worksheet to fill out on each of the 24 movies, so far, in the fanchise.

The last Bond movie to come out was "Spectre" in 2015, and there is a new James Bond flick, "No Time To Die" that was suppose to debut in April of this year but due to...yes, you guessed it, Covid, it has been moved to a September release, so you will have to catch that one on your own time.

Neardbear says there are only a few major requirements to be the chosen one for the gig. You must be 18+, a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, they are seeking someone who is active on social media, and a person who loves Bond....James Bond.

Still interested? CLICK HERE to get all the details and apply.

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