Regardless of whether they work in a major city like Boston or a small town like Gardiner, our first responders have a tough job to do.  They probably have the toughest non-military jobs there are.  They deal with difficult, stressful situations and interact with people on some of the worst days of their lives.  Their jobs are definitely not a walk in the park.

But, what can you do to help these skilled professionals?  They have hours of training and thousands of dollars in specialized equipment.  So, there really is nothing you could do to help them, right?

Nope!  Actually, there is one really easy thing you can do to help our first responders.

You can help them by simply making sure the numbers on your house are clearly visible from the street / road.

Yes, just like everyone else, our first responders use GPS to guide them to where they need to go, but even in 2023, GPS is not perfect.  The system does occasionally make mistakes.

Scott Webb / Unsplash
Scott Webb / Unsplash

So, when you get a second, step out to the road or street and take a look at your house.  Are they visible?  If not, try replacing them or repainting them.  If your house is not clearly visible from the street or road, you can always make sure the numbers are on your mailbox.

In an emergency, seconds really count, so doing this simple thing could literally make the difference between life and death.

Of course, we appreciate our first responders and all that they do for our communities.

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